Compaq Integrates Quantum Technology In Library

Quantum Corporation’s DLT & Storage Systems Group today announced that Compaq Computer Corporation began shipping its first storage automation product based on Quantum’s new Super DLTtape(TM) technology. The Compaq StorageWorks MSL 5026SL library packs 2.86 terabytes of storage into a compact, 5U high rack-mount unit.

“This is the first mainstream, mid-range library to offer the kind of high availability features previously available only with enterprise-level libraries,” said Rusty Smith, director, Compaq Enterprise Nearline Storage Division. “We integrated Super DLTtape technology into this library to meet the increasingly demanding backup needs for faster access to data, greater storage capacity and reliable data protection. This solution is available today for our customers worldwide.”

The Compaq StorageWorks MSL 5026SL is configured with one or two Super DLTtape drives, and 26 media slots in a 5U-high rack mount unit. Up to seven Compaq MSL 5026SL units can be combined in a single rack mount cabinet, making it possible to scale the system up to 20.02 terabytes capacity; 40.04 terabytes compressed.

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