Compaq Qaulified By Oracle for Remote Mirroring Technology

Compaq Computer Corporation this week announced it has been approved by Oracle as a qualified member of the Oracle(R) Storage Compatibility Program (OSCP) in the area of remote mirroring for synchronous replication, using Compaq SANworks Data Replication Manager (DRM). DRM has now been qualified for remote mirroring with Oracle’s database products in both synchronous and asynchronous mode.

According to Compaq, this program offers Oracle customers confidence that Compaq StorageWorks and SANworks products are compatible with Oracle’s database products.

“In addition to the OSCP qualification in both asynchronous and synchronous modes in the Solaris environment, Compaq went a step further by conducting the OSCP Remote Mirroring test suites in Compaq’s Tru64 UNIX operating system environment,” said Mark Sorenson, vice president of Compaq Storage Software and Solutions. “This gives our customer base an even higher level of confidence of Oracle compatibility for our DRM product across multiple operating system environments.”

Compaq said its SANworks Data Replication Manager is a storage-based data replication and workload migration solution that is ideal for copying data online and in real time to remote locations via a local or extended SAN.

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