Connected Delivers Email Archiving

Connected Corp. has unveiled the first product from its acquisition of Archive-it, an email archiving firm.

Connected ArchiveStore/EM 3.0 is a “new and substantially enhanced release” based on Archive-it’s MailStore 2.1, according to the storage software provider.

The new offering combines data reduction technology, encryption, audit trails, and policy-based management for “secure, searchable, and scalable” archiving of email messages for Microsoft Exchange environments. Future releases will support other email servers.

At $25 per seat for 1,000 users, ArchiveStore is “very competitively priced,” says company PR manager Wayne St. Amand.

Enterprise Storage Group analyst Peter Gerr says solutions like ArchiveStore solve a need for compliance with electronic communication regulations such as SEC Rule 17a-4, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA.

“Backup solutions alone cannot satisfy regulatory, discovery, and retention needs for electronic records, which means an automated email archiving solution should be on the ‘must-have’ list for corporate IT budgets,” states Gerr. “Email archiving can allow organizations to search for, access, and quickly retrieve any archived email record, while providing a secure audit trail for that record.”

Otherwise, continues Gerr, the costs of legal discovery “can be prohibitive when the only form of email message archival is simple data backup.”

Connected says ArchiveStore is designed around open standards, so it can adapt and scale to meet future needs without compatibility problems. Server-based installation and the flexibility to add more business rules later make for installation in as little as a day, according to the Framingham, Mass.-based company.

By capturing email at the mail server in real time, compressing the data, and automatically placing a copy into the archive, ArchiveStore eliminates the need to keep historical messages on the mail server and for users to keep extensive local email files. Connected calls the product “the only email archiving solution designed with both efficient email management and compliance in mind.”

ArchiveStore automatically maps all email against policies at the mail server. Those records matching archiving policies are captured, copied, and placed into a secure, searchable archive. The solution also performs auditing of every event in the lifecycle of an email message.

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