CreekPath Joins EMC’s E-Infostructure Developers Program

CreekPath Systems, a software solutions provider of Shared Resource Management, today announced its participation in EMC’s E-Infostructure(TM) Developers Program.

As a member of the EMC E-Infostructure Developers Program, CreekPath says it has access to a wide range of EMC programming interfaces which it claims will allow its developers to create a true, closed-loop Shared Storage Resource Management system. Through the program, EMC helps customers take full advantage of the leading performance, availability and management features of EMC Enterprise Storage systems and software, while eliminating costly, time-consuming application creation or customization. CreekPath’s approach to Shared Storage Resource Management combined with EMC’s offerings will allow enterprises to guarantee service levels based on its policy-based, automatic provisioning software solution.

“Our development with EMC will enable the delivery of storage services in a cost-effective manner and at a guaranteed quality of service (QoS) level,” said Mike Koclanes, President and CEO of CreekPath. “The combination of CreekPath’s Shared Storage Resource Management solution with EMC’s flexible, best-of-breed information storage offerings is an ideal marriage that will ensure the optimal business use of the storage resources.”

“Today’s fast-paced business environment requires a superior level of service,” said Linda Wright, senior director of global alliances at EMC. “By joining EMC’s E-Infostructure Developers Program and integrating its shared resource management technology with EMC information storage systems and software, CreekPath will be able to offer its customers a high level of service while maintaining rapid access to information.”

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