Cylink to Provide Security for Compaq SANworks

Cylink Corporation has announced that it has been certified to work in Compaq’s SANworks(TM) Data Replication Manager Fibre Channel and Internet Protocol (FC-IP) solution.

SANworks is a storage area network (SAN) solution based on Compaq’s StorageWorks Fibre Channel controllers that allows remote replication of data in real time. Certified FC-IP gateway equipment from CNT, SANcastle Technologies and SAN Valley Systems, together with Cylink’s NetHawk VPN, enables SANworks to use existing IT networks securely. With IPSec, networking customers can leverage regional SANs as secure recovery sites within the broader national or global infrastructure.

“Security is a competitive business enabler, providing the necessary trust to convince customers and business partners that their information is safe. In light of recent events, it is expected that corporate executives will be rigorously held accountable,” said Charles Baumert, Cylink Sr. Director of Marketing. “Companies are at risk if they use IP networks to transport mission-critical data without considering adequate security. NetHawk provides the necessary encryption, authentication and data integrity to secure information transported between SANs.”

“As storage area networks continue to grow, organizations are extending data transfers over increasingly wider distances. This requirement is being driven by applications such as disaster recovery and business continuity,” said Patrick Reilly, Cylink Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “Cylink has identified business continuity as a key strategic focus. With our range of encryption devices, combined with our powerful certificate-based management tool, Cylink is in an excellent position to play a key role in enabling secure SAN solutions.”

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