Cypress Ships 8 Mb NetRAMs

Cypress Semiconductor announced the availability of its 8 Mb NetRAM(TM) memories for storage area network (SAN) servers and network switches.
The company said these synchronous SRAM devices — also available in 1 Mb and 4 Mb densities — are particularly appropriate for applications in which two ASICs must access the same memory array. Cypress said its 8 Mb NetRAM devices provide the industry’s first pin-compatible density upgrade for applications currently using the 1 Mb and 4 Mb NetRAM memories from Motorola.

“The Cypress NetRAM family enables Motorola’s customers to extend the life of their ASIC investment to another generation of SAN and switch products, shortening their product development cycles,” said Mario Martinez, Cypress’s director of Marketing for memory products. “Our NetRAM devices will provide an upgrade path to higher densities, and our long-term product supply and support will eliminate system designers’ end-of-product-life concerns.”

According to Cypress, the 8 Mb CY7C1301 NetRAM is configured as a 256K x 36 memory, the 4 Mb CY7C1300 as a 128K x 36 and the 1 Mb CY7C1299a as a 32K x 36. All of the devices have a maximum speed of 133 MHz. Two bi-directional data buses functioning at the same clock rate provide high bandwidth for demanding storage and switch applications. Like the Motorola devices, the Cypress NetRAMs provide separate data input and output pins and ports, require a 3.3V power supply, and are packaged in a 176-pin TQFP.

The company said samples of the Cypress NetRAM devices are available now, with production volumes anticipated in the third quarter. In quantities of 1,000 the 8 Mb device will be priced at $65, the 4 Mb device at $45 and the 1 Mb device at $25.

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