DataDirect and Vsoft Team Up on Storage Solutions

Vsoft Ltd. and DataDirect Networks announced a solution qualification and co-marketing agreement for the integration of Vsoft’s VideoClick(TM) software and DataDirect’s SAN DataDirector SAN appliance line. The companies said the combination offers a comprehensive solution to meet the performance, flexibility, and reliability needs of the VOD market.

According to the companies, the SAN DataDirector provides scalable, high performance storage virtualization and fiber channel connectivity that when combined with Vsoft’s network clustering modules, allows multiple VideoClick servers to access one common storage pool at high bandwidths, simultaneously. The VideoClick servers simultaneously read and write video data from and to the storage, allowing high performance Video on Demand (VOD) and server-based Personal Video Recording (PVR) applications. The SAN DataDirector also has built-in RAID capability that enables use of inexpensive JBODs and built-in cache for enhanced performance.

The solution qualification occurred at DataDirect Networks SANWare Test Lab, where multiple VideoClick servers, in Sun Solaris, Win NT and Win2000 environments were connected to the SAN DataDirector, streaming video from a shared pool of virtualized storage.

Alex Bouzari, CEO of DataDirect Networks commented on the partnership. “The DataDirect Networks SAN DataDirector provides Vsoft customers with a SAN appliance solution that is easy to deploy and optimized for streaming environments,” he said. “VideoClick’s unique open architecture fits well with our product and allows service providers to achieve new levels of performance and scalability. We are pleased to be partnering with Vsoft to offer this joint solution.”

Meir Friedlander, president and CEO of Vsoft said, “Service providers are looking for easily deployable, scalable VOD solutions. The partnership between Vsoft and DataDirect Networks meets this challenge with a reliable solution that not only affords high performance, but is cost efficient as well. As content archives grow at the head-end, service providers will depend on systems that offer seamless expansion. The DataDirector-VideoClick solution lets our customers grow without growing pains.”

The Vsoft-DataDirect solution will be demonstrated at the Vsoft Booth #S3555 at NAB2001.

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