DATATRAK Integrates EMC Storage Into ASP Offering

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) ASP DATATRAK International, Inc. today announced that it has integrated EMC Enterprise Storage and the EMC Proven(TM) E-Infostructure(TM) program into its worldwide EDC offering. EMC’s program and future integration, DATATRAK says, will extend its ability to scale and leverage information assets while enhancing performance, availability/reliability, and procedures for rapid off-site back-up and recovery operations.

The EMC Proven Program identifies e-businesses that have invested in best practices for enterprise storage and information infrastructure, and enables them to leverage that investment through their own marketing and communications programs.

“Integration of EMC’s Enterprise Storage into our current offering enables DATATRAK to build even greater reliability into an infrastructure that can document nearly 100% availability around the globe,” stated Dr. Jeffrey A. Green, President & Chief Executive Officer of DATATRAK International. “As the EDC market continues to emerge and our clients increase the size and scope of their clinical trials implementing the DATATRAK EDC(TM) Product Suite, they will demand this level of sophistication and investment with the handling of their data. We are proactively developing this infrastructure in anticipation of continued growth and expansion of this market. The infrastructure also enables DATATRAK to provide our clients with the highest levels of service, support and availability in the industry today, based on a scalable platform that will be a necessity for explosive growth.”

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