Does Virtualization Require New Storage Paradigms?

A storage startup called Tintri, led by the former head of VMware’s research and development is now pushing a new approach to virtualization storage.

Rather than take traditional storage volumes and map them to virtual machines, Tintri starts with the virtual machine as the starting point.

The Tintri storage appliance includes more than 1 TB of flash memory, which is made up of nine 160 GB flash drives that are supplemented by 15 SATA drives. Chris Bennett, vice president of marketing at Tintri told, that the flash drives are all providing inline access with de-duplication and compression as well as RAID6 data protection.

“What we have built is a hardware appliance that is not general purpose storage, rather it is specifically for virtualization environments,” Tintri’s co-founder and CEO, Kieran Harty told “It does not have the traditional storage concepts of volumes or other low level details; instead it deals with things at the virtual machine level.”

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Tintri Takes Aim at Virtual Storage

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