Dot Hill Adds Capacity to Fibre Channel SANnet

Dot Hill Systems Corp., a provider of carrier-class information storage and storage area network (SAN) solutions, today announced that has begun production shipments of 180 gigabyte (GB) Fibre Channel drives for its SANnet(TM) 7000 series systems.

Equipped with the new 180GB drives, Dot Hill says that SANnet offers up to 1.8 terabytes (TB) of high performance storage in a single 4u (7 inch high) chassis, which gives existing SANnet customers up to 250 percent more capacity in the same vertical footprint and up to 67 percent more capacity for the same price per megabyte.

With the 180GB drives, SANnet scales up to 18TB in a single rack. The system delivers unparalleled capacity and scalability, up to 28.8TB, with a SAN-ready redundant Fibre Channel network that directly supports up to 16 servers. The SANnet 7000 series also features Fibre Channel server-attached RAID controllers that can support up to 160 disks each, depending on the configuration.

James Lambert, Dot Hill’s president and CEO, said, “In the current economic environment, data continues to grow, but IT budgets are tightly controlled. Now more than ever, customers need to get real value and make the most of every IT dollar. The SANnet 7000 series with 180GB drives decreases the total cost of ownership for high performance, full fibre data storage. We believe the lower TCO will enable IT departments to keep up with information growth while staying on budget.”

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