EMC and Oracle Team Up On Data Corruption Software

EMC Corporation and Oracle Corporation today unveiled EMC Double Checksum, which the companies said delivers the first data integrity application under Oracle’s new Hardware Assisted Resilient Data (HARD) initiative. HARD is a program designed to detect and prevent data corruptions before being written to disk.

According to the companies, EMC Double Checksum incorporates Oracle’s data validation solution into EMC’s Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems by leveraging EMC’s Enginuity(TM) operating environment.

The Oracle database management system includes a standard data integrity feature that calculates a checksum – a unique identifier for each write request. With EMC Double Checksum, once the data passes through the multiple components of the storage network and reaches the EMC Symmetrix Enterprise Storage system, the Symmetrix calculates it’s own “double check” checksum and compares it with Oracle’s. If the two match, the data is committed to disk. In the event that data is altered or compromised between the server and the Symmetrix, the system administrator can either take immediate action or initiate a follow-up repair procedure.

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