Emulex HBAs Certified By Legato and HP

Emulex Corporation’s host bus adapters (HBAs) today received the stamp of approval from Hewlett-Packard and Legato Systems.

Legato has qualified the Emulex LightPulse 2Gb/s LP9002L and LP8000 HBAs for use with its NetWorker data protection software, while HP certified the LightPulse LP9002L with the latest generation of its HP MC/Serviceguard software data protection solution in Linux operating environments.

According to Emulex, the LP9002L HBA offers an open standards-based management application programming interface (API), which enabled HP to integrate support for Emulex’s driver, as well as develop and implement storage area network (SAN) management services using Emulex HBAs.

“Emulex HBAs provide simplified management and investment protection to customers using HP MC/Serviceguard solutions within enterprise computing environments,” said Nick van der Zweep, director of marketing for HP’s Always On Internet Infrastructure Solutions Division.

Legato’s testing demonstrated compatibility between NetWorker and the Emulex LP9002L HBA operating in Windows 2000 and the Emulex LP8000 in Solaris and Windows NT operating environments.

“This collaborative qualification effort extends NetWorker’s ability to simplify, centralize and automate protection of heterogeneous SAN environments and fully leverage advanced connectivity solutions such as Emulex HBAs to reduce management overhead, optimize SAN investments and provide long-term scalability,” said Scott McIntyre, vice president, Product Marketing and Management, Legato Systems.

According to Emulex, LP9002L HBA operates at up to 2Gb/s Fibre Channel data rates, and offers auto speed negotiation, a function that enables the HBA to automatically sense the network’s maximum speed, while maintaining full backwards compatibility with 1Gb/s Fibre Channel installations. The LP9002L is also software compatible with Emulex’s entire family of LightPulse HBAs, including the 1Gb/s LP8000.

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