eSilo Advances Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

While the migration to the cloud is in full swing in corporate IT environments across the country, many managers and executives continue to voice reservations about recovery and backup service for their data.

eSilo, a firm that specialized in the field, is taking dead aim at that market with SiloSphere, a product that partitions the management of data, metadata and revision control into storage nodes.

“Fundamentally, our technology is base on metadata,” explains eSilo CEO Jerry Jeffries.

SiloSphere takes a distributed approach to backup and recovery, catering to cloud architectures that can stretch around the globe. Additionally, the service offers a centralized management console for administrators to monitor their systems.

Enterprise Storage Forum previews eSilo’s new offering, currently in beta, and due for general release by the end of the quarter.

Read the full story at Enterprise Storage Forum:

eSilo Simplifies Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

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