eSystems Announces Support for ASACA’s DVD-RAM/R Libraries

Storage vendor ASACA and content management company eSystems, Inc. today announced that, eSystem’s multi-dimensional database software, AsaP, is compatible with ASACA TeraCart(R) 2.3, a 109TB DVD-RAM/R library.

According to eSystems, the ASaP data mining solution works with almost all document, data and image repositories. It supports over 200 document formats, including images, sound, video, web and office documents. Using ASaP as a single point of entry, users can query against single or across multiple data banks to extract results, enabling managers and authorized users to mine information from the web, corporate intranets, databases, imaging systems, file servers and other sources.

The TeraCart DVD-RAM/R libraries can be configured with 1 – 192 DVD-RAM/R drives and up to 11,600 4.7GB write-once DVD-R discs or 9.4GB double-sided rewritable DVD discs. The DVLs (Digital Virtual Libraries) are capable of performing as four separate libraries in a single cabinet. With this feature, station mangers as well as audio and video asset mangers can create data banks to categorize specific information.

“Today’s content developers, broadcast stations and businesses need more than simple repositories of massive amounts of data,” said Chuck Larabie, Vice President of Business Development for eSystems, Inc. “They need fast access, simplified searches, and nearly instant retrieval. By combining ASaP software’s multi-dimensional searches with the virtually unlimited capacity of the ASACA library, organizations can deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. In the broadcast industry, time is money and this solution provides an almost immediate return on investment.”

ESystem’s ASaP is available directly from the company as well as third party library and storage software developers. Pricing starts at $10,000. ASACA’s TeraCart DVL systems are available for immediate delivery. Individual libraries can be configured with 1 to 24 DVD-RAM/R drives for online capacities ranging from 2.3TB to nearly 14TB. Expansion cabinets are available for up to 109TB of DVD-RAM storage. Fibre Channel SAN-ready models include a built-in server and are available with an ATX or Sparc, NT or UNIX operating system.

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