Exabyte Partners with IBM on SAN Interoperability Testing

Exabyte Corporation , a manufacturer of tape drives and tape libraries, today announced that it has signed with IBM to provide proof-of-concept testing and installation services in Storage Area Networks (SAN) environments.

The companies said Proof-of-concept testing allows Exabyte and IBM Global Services to jointly set up a SAN environment in the IBM SAN laboratory so that IBM and Exabyte can test Exabyte tape drives and/or tape libraries for interoperability. Exabyte will provide the SAN components, including Exabyte tape drives and/or tape libraries. IBM Global Services will conduct the testing and provide documentation of testing results to Exabyte. IBM Global Services will also provide SAN installation services on behalf of Exabyte.

IBM Global Services currently provides on-site services for Exabyte products. The new proof-of-concept testing and SAN environment installation services are available only in the U.S. and Canada.

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