Exabyte’s M2 Tape Drive New External Drive Configuration

Tape drive and library manufacturer Exabyte Corporation today announced that it will begin offering its native Fibre Channel M2 drive as a standalone product with an MSRP of $6769.

“We thought the biggest demand for Fibre Channel would be in our automated products,” said Cruden. “We are pleased to find that many customers are interested in purchasing the external, standalone M2 native Fibre Channel tape drive.”

According to Exabyte, the M2 is unique because it interfaces directly with the RAID, eliminating the need for a router and making backup and restore operations simpler, more reliable and more cost- effective. And since the server is no longer involved in the backup, the traditional backup window constraints no longer limit backups to a few hours each night. Serverless backups can take place anytime of day.

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