FileTek Releases StorHouse(R) 3.0

FileTek Inc., a data management systems provider, announced the release of StorHouse(R) 3.0. This new version contains support for rich media including binary large objects (BLOBS) and character large objects (CLOBS).

According to FileTek, StorHouse 3.0 will now allow cost-effective storage of, and unique relational access to, digital large objects (LOBS) such as video, audio, and photos. Using StorHouse functionality, users can create a set of hierarchical rules that automatically govern the distribution of different types of LOBS to the most appropriate storage media. Information can be accurately and quickly accessed by using standard relational SQL statements. Access across media types is transparent to users and their applications, providing a unified view of their data.

“StorHouse/RM 3.0 will empower its users to take control of their huge binary files, store them in an assortment of economical media, and relationally access only the data needed within these files,” said Jim Ewing, FileTek’s RM Software Development manager. “There is no extra application coding needed to deploy StorHouse and its technology is compliant with applicable ANSI 99 standards.”

“We’re very confident that StorHouse 3.0 will solve the problems many organizations face when it comes to storing large objects,” said John Burgess, FileTek’s chief technical officer. “This release represents a logical extension of StorHouse by enhancing and growing with customers’ needs.”

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