Finisar Introduces SAN QoS

Finisar Corp., a provider of gigabit fiber optic solutions for high-speed data and telecommunication networks, this week introduced the SAN QoS, which the company said is the first and only distributed packet-level performance monitoring system for Fibre Channel SANs.

“Today’s SAN Manager must be able to trust and rely upon the performance and reliability of the products he chooses to ensure maximum SAN uptime. SAN QoS is the first product of its kind to give SAN managers the key metrics needed to maximize SAN uptime,” said Bob Otis, Engineering manager for Finisar. “Since SAN QoS monitors at wire speed, SAN managers get to see everything that is going on so they can make the right adjustments and diagnoses. This saves lots of time, money and effort.”

SAN QoS is currently in beta testing and is expected to be generally available in early June. ProbeFC supports full-duplex connections and is list priced at $9,500. Portal supporting multiple ViewsFC clients and up to 16 ProbeFCs is list priced at $9,500. ViewsFC is list priced at $995. Volume discounts for ProbeFC are available. A special configuration of SAN QoS with I ProbeFC, 1 Portal, and 1 ViewsFC is available for $13,500. Finisar and Shomiti Systems, recently acquired by Finisar, will sell and distribute SAN QoS worldwide. Finisar said quantity discounts and software bundles

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