Fujitsu Softek Announces New Disaster Recovery Software

Fujitsu Softek today announced the availability of its DR Manager(TM) product, its new mainframe disaster recovery software.

The company said its new DR Manager product, built on Fujitsu Softek’s SUNRISE software, allows corporations faced with a disaster to achieve faster, 100% recoverability while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the Disaster Recovery process. This release includes features that simplify and expedite the recovery process. DR Manager software works by identifying and prioritizing all critical files. It associates these files with applications so customers have an application view of backups, through a comprehensive GUI.

Softek said DR Manager software interoperates with Softek TDMF(TM) Mainframe Edition so critical files are never exposed. It identifies volumes that have critical files that are not being backed up and generates the Softek TDMF statements needed to replicate them.

DR Manager software can speed full recovery with features that provide: mainframe-based tracking and analysis; automatic real-time tracking of continuous changes in application jobs, datasets and backup datasets; verification of critical dataset backup and version correctness; fully automated recovery processes; and certification of existing backup utility processes.

“DR Manager is another vehicle Fujitsu Softek is using to honor its commitment to simplify and optimize our customer’s data storage environments. It enables fast recovery while reducing TCO; it helps customers to complete audits quickly and effectively; and it identifies 100% recoverability points so that customers can recover quickly and completely in the event of a disaster,” said Erich Flynn, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for Fujitsu Softek. “DR Manager is truly the premium product in this space. No other DR product offers the range of backup support, modeling, GUI or reporting capability of DR Manager.”

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