Gadzoox Networks Extends Slingshot Product Line

Gadzoox Networks this week announced the Slingshot 4210, the newest member of the Slingshot 2Gb Open Fabric switch family. The Slingshot 4210 has 10 ports in a half rack wide, 1U high form factor.

According to Gadzoox, the Slingshot 4210 is targeted at the growing Windows server cluster market. For example, the company said the half-rack width enables customers to place two Slingshot 4210 switches side-by-side in 1U to meet the high availability cluster requirement of “alternate path failover” with separate, redundant paths between storage and servers that are easy to manage and service.

“Our OEM customers recognize that a large part of the growing SAN market is comprised of companies utilizing server clusters in their network to enable high availability for reduced cost,” said Erik Ottem, senior director of product marketing for Gadzoox Networks. “The Slingshot 4210 provides our customers with the ideal server cluster switch that can both scale and enable high availability — two of the most important features in the clustering market.”

The Slingshot 4210 will be demonstrated for the first time at HP World in Chicago and IBM Storage Symposium in Las Vegas, August 20 – 24, 2001.

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