Globalstor’s Announces NAS Library Server

Globalstor Data Corp. today announced the InfinAttach(TM) NAS (network-attached storage) Server utilizing embedded NT. The InfinAttach NAS is available in both a midrange and enterprise versions.

According to Globalstor’, the midrange solution offers connections too as many as 30 SCSI devices and access to as many as 20 clients. The server includes a 60GB hard drive, a Pentium III 750 CPU, 256MB RAM, dual 10/100 Network interface and pre-loaded library management software. It has two expansion slots, which are field upgradable and capable of boosting support up to as many as 90 SCSI devices. The additional slots can also be used for Fibre Channel support, or a Gigabit Ethernet card, or any combination. RAID volume users can maximize the base system with 30 5TB RAID volumes and still add a gigabit or a dual gigabit controller in the secondary slot.

Both midrange and enterprise solutions provide complete remote management capability using Microsoft’s NetMeeting. Additional remote management capability for UNIX users is also included. The compact NAS Server measures 10.5″ x 5.25″ x 11.5″ (W x H x L). Globalstor plans on shipping the InfinAttach NAS by the end of this month. It includes a two-year factory warranty. Pricing starts at $3,995.

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