Google Apps Gain Range of Cloud Storage Choices

As more companies and users look to the cloud to run their applications, there’s a also a growing need for more storage options.

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) said its new offering for Google Apps users is designed to quench that thirst for more online storage with a range of User Managed Storage options from 20GB to 16TB.

“As part of our effort to support our users’ move into the cloud, we’re pleased to announce that over the next couple of days we will be making User Managed Storage available to Google Apps customers,” Gaurav Jain, product manager for Google Apps, said in a post to Google’s Small Business Blog, Tuesday.

The added optional storage kicks in after the user runs out of space on the basic account. The first increment is 20GB of additional storage, which costs $5 per user per year.

Google offers 80GB for $20 per user per year, 200GB for $50, also per user per year, or 1TB of space for $256 under the same terms.

A Google spokesperson confirmed that User Managed Storage will be available to all editions of Google Apps.That includes Google Apps for Business, which is the company’s $50 per user per year offering, as well as the free version for consumers.

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