Google Has Microsoft Exchange’s Back

The popularity of social networks aside, email remains the lifeblood of many an enterprise user, whether it’s waiting to hear back from a client or an attachment with the latest production figures for a hot new release.

But email isn’t always available 24/7. Microsoft Exchange Server requires scheduled maintenance and there are technical glitches that can sometimes cause service interruptions. While there are third party “continuity” solutions designed minimize downtime, Google has now entered the fray with a unique backup offering for Exchange users that, as Datamation reports, leverages the company’s Gmail infrastructure.

“Email’s down.”

It’s a message all too familiar to companies using Microsoft’s Exchange Server and Outlook email system. Microsoft Exchange users face an average of 2.5 hours of email outages a month, according to an IT survey conducted by the Radicati Group cited by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) rival Google (NASDAQ: GOOG).
Google’s solution is the new Google Message Continuity, a low-cost backup solution for Exchange organizations, based on the search giant’s Gmail infrastructure.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Google Cozies Up to Microsoft Exchange

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