Google Highlights Disaster Recovery Offerings

With all the enterprise services Google has been offering lately, it’s had to start adding back-end services that are also a must, not to mention a necessary evil for many firms because they are expensive and deal with worst case scenarios.

One of those services is Google’s disaster recovery solutions for Google Apps suite. It keeps your data in sync between multiple datacenters, insuring it will be there and its integrity intact even if you or Google suffer an outage. Datamation has more details.

Google is revealing more information about how the company secures information for users of its Google Apps suite, specifically its ability to handle outages — with claims of uptime and failover performance that could make any enterprise IT manager jealous.

“Will you be ready when disaster strikes?” Rajen Sheth, Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) senior product manager for Google Apps, wrote in a blog post on Thursday. “It’s an uncomfortable question for many IT administrators, because answering it with confidence usually requires boatloads of money, immense complexity, and crossed fingers.”

Enterprises typically spend those “boatloads of money” on things like backup servers, remote disaster recovery centers and other backup services and technologies designed to minimize the loss of files and data in a disaster.

Sheth noted that disaster recovery solutions are usually measured in two ways: RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective). RPO is how much data a company is willing to lose when things go wrong, while RTO is a measure of how long you’re willing to go without service.

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Google Claims Disaster Recovery Edge

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