Google, Kazeon Search Storage Together

Information classification and management (ICM) startup Kazeon unveiled the fruits of its partnership with Google on Tuesday, an appliance aimed at extending enterprise search into the storage infrastructure.

The integration of Kazeon’s Information Server IS1200 with Google OneBox for Enterprise gives users easier access to billions of files scattered across corporate servers, archives and disk-based backups, the companies say.

“Nobody in the marketplace today can support files of that magnitude,” said Kazeon vice president of solution marketing Michael Marchi.

The integration of Kazeon’s enterprise search and indexing product with the Google Search Appliance lets customers easily locate and retrieve sensitive data, comply with regulations and respond quickly to legal discovery requests, the companies say. Users can enter keywords and phrases into a familiar Google search interface and get the most relevant search results from data residing across globally distributed corporate network storage systems on the same screen with their Google results.

Sudhakar Muddu, CEO and co-founder of Kazeon, calls the product “very scalable, high-performance indexing and search uniquely designed for storage” that is “fully actionable.”

“Enterprise customers can now easily reach deep into enterprise servers and storage through a unified interface,” says Muddu. “This combination of Google’s quality search experience and Kazeon’s storage search delivers the industry’s most comprehensive search for legal discovery, data privacy and compliance applications.”

Kevin Smith, partner program manager for Google Enterprise, says that “from a simple search box, with no training, enterprise users can quickly locate critical information stored anywhere on a corporate network.”

Kazeon’s IS1200 is an indexing platform optimized for searching large backup stores and corporate archives. It can support a range of applications from file recovery to legal discovery and archive search. The system can recognize more than 370 different kinds of files and e-mail formats across multiple operating systems and storage appliances. In addition to Google OneBox support, search queries and results can be processed through a simple Web-based search interface. The Kazeon Web interface integrates the Google Search Appliance search and result view, letting users enter a search request one time and see the combined search results on a single screen.

A new feature of the Google Search Appliance, Google OneBox for Enterprise delivers information from enterprise sources such as CRM, ERP and business intelligence systems based on a user’s search query.

The Kazeon offering lists for $40,000, in addition to the cost of the Google box.

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