Grau Data Storage to Offer eTunnels VPN-On-Demand

eTunnels Inc., a provider of security provisioning and management services to the extended enterprise, announced that Grau Data Storage AG of Germany would offer the eTunnels VPN-On-Demand platform to their customers.

According to the company, the eTunnels technology will be incorporated into Grau’s WebDataCenter product line. “PersonalVPN,” as it will be known, will provide the security infrastructure for organizations looking to establish an Intranet or Extranet without tying up capital and resources. Grau Data Storage sells its products and services through partnerships with leading vendors like Siemens, Riodata, Comparex, and COMback.

“Our focus is to give every Internet User the possibility to store and save its data at a central place to have access from every location on the world via Internet–without additional equipment,” said Michael Haag, director of WebDataCenter development, “VPN-On-Demand will now provide these same users the ability to easily create and control a standards based secure communications infrastructure anytime, anywhere.”

“As outsourcing grows in popularity, being able to provide secure access to services and resources over the Internet is becoming more critical,” said Dimitri Sirota, eTunnels CEO. “We’re pleased that eTunnels VPN-On-Demand technology can provide third party equipment vendors and outsourcers with an integrated VPN capability that is network, access and device agnostic.”

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