I-TECH Awarded SANs Analysis Patent

I-TECH, a high-speed data storage testing solutions vendor, today announced that it has been awarded a patent for the hardware search technology used with its Satellite(TM) Fibre Channel analyzers. These analyzers are used for testing Storage Area Network (SAN) systems and components.

According to the company, I-TECH’s Windows(R)-based Satellite Fibre Channel analyzers allow users the freedom to define trace capture strategies, providing real-time control over capture and trigger decisions. They deliver the trace memory, transfer speeds and on-board processor capacity necessary for intelligent, comprehensive analysis.

I-TECH says the application of this hardware search technology to a protocol analyzer allows the user to locate important data within a captured trace much more quickly than analyzers using traditional software algorithms, as well as providing nearly instantaneous presentation of a captured trace to the user for immediate viewing of and navigation within the trace.

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