IBM Announces A Data Warehousing Initiative

IBM recently announced it is extending its DB2Now! program to enable the migration of existing Teradata customers to an IBM DB2 Data Warehouse.

Data warehouses function as central collection points for information on a company’s customers, products and all the transactions in between. They combine server and storage hardware, database software and incorporate analysis tools enabling a company to have a single, consistent source for all information required for the foundation of business intelligence purposes. These results offer what has come to be known as business intelligence, revealing hidden clues on what products and services to sell, to whom, how, and when.

According to IBM The DB2Now! program is designed for customers that are looking to ease development, management and cost challenges associated with competitive databases. The DB2 Now! Teradata conversion program provides customers with a free two-day migration study which gives a functionality comparison, an overview of the migration process and a savings estimate.

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