IBM Ships 10,000th Enterprise Storage Server

IBM today announced it has shipped the 10,000th IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (code named “Shark”) to Commerzbank, an international investment and banking institution.

The 10,000th Enterprise Storage Server was delivered as part of a 185-terabyte storage networking infrastructure IBM is implementing to protect Commerzbank’s mission-critical commercial banking, investment and administrative data. Commerzbank, which is based in Frankfurt, Germany and manages approximately euro 500 billion of assets (approximately $450 billion US) worldwide, selected the Enterprise Storage Server to be the foundation of its networked storage environment

“We chose IBM’s Shark storage system to be the cornerstone of our data consolidation project because it offers the performance, scalability and advanced functionality we need to manage and protect the availability of our customers’ assets,” said Peter Kraemer, global head of IT-production of Commerzbank. “We are confident that IBM’s integrated storage hardware and software solution can significantly improve our total cost of ownership over competitive products.”

Less than three years after shipping the first Enterprise Storage Server, IBM has sold and delivered more than 22 petabytes of storage capacity to a growing list of customers worldwide, including retailers, financial institutions, hospitals and research centers. The amount of data stored on Enterprise Storage Server systems across the globe is equivalent to more than 37 million CD-ROMs filled with information.

“Shark is the backbone of IBM’s storage product family, and it will remain our flagship storage server,” said Linda Sanford, senior vice president and group executive, IBM Storage Systems Group. “We are committed to enhancing the advanced performance and function of Shark as we develop and introduce complementary interoperable software technologies that address the industry’s critical shift to a networked storage business model.”

Since the introduction of the Enterprise Storage Server in 1999, IBM has steadily increased the performance, function and competitiveness of the system, enabling it to meet the data management and storage networking requirements of numerous customers, including 74 percent of the world’s Fortune 100 companies.

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