IBM Unveils Three New Hard Disk Drives

IBM today unveiled three new hard disk drives.

The new drives include the Deskstar 120GXP, a low-power 3.5-inch desktop, 7200RPM hard drive with a 120 gigabyte (GB) capacity, the Travelstar 5400 RPM 60H with 60 GB of capacity and the new Travelstar 4200 RPM 40GN at 40GB.

“We are fortifying the new generation of Travelstar and Deskstar drives to support the low-power, higher-speed, higher-capacity and miniaturization trends seen in the electronics and pervasive computing markets today,” said Bill Healy, vice president, marketing, IBM Storage Technology Division. “The new drives’ capacities, performance and other distinguishing characteristics underscore IBM’s commitment to extend the limits of hard disk drive technology, especially as we explore ways to open new markets such as consumer electronics, removable storage and blade server.”

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