Imperial Technology Announces SAN Interoperability Lab

Imperial Technology, a manufacturer of solid state disk and cache systems, this week announced an in-house Interoperability Lab for testing Storage Area Network (SAN) components.

“The importance of testing various vendors’ offerings for interoperability within an open SAN environment cannot be underestimated,” said Emanuel Allen, president of Imperial Technology. “As customers transition into a SAN, they want the assurance that MegaRam storage accelerators will be compatible in the broadest range of environments. The i2 Lab is our tool to ensure this interoperability.”

According to Imperial, the Interoperability Lab (i2 Lab) is dedicated to evaluating, qualifying and certifying SAN components for use with Imperial Technology’s leading solid state accelerators. The lab will test a broad array of SAN components including switches, hubs, GBIC’s, host bus adapters, routers, bridges, storage virtualization components, SAN administration and management software, and other infrastructure components from leading vendors needed to successfully architect a comprehensive SAN.

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