INRANGE Directors Compatible with Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router

INRANGE Technologies today announced that it has successfully completed laboratory interoperability testing of the IN-VSN(TM) FC/9000(TM) 64-port and 128-port Fibre Channel Directors with the Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router, which bridges Fibre Channel to IP networks, using the iSCSI protocol.

INRANGE also announced its membership into the storage networking track of the Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data) Partner Program, an interoperability testing and co-marketing program enabling leading product and services firms to deploy innovative e-business solutions.

Under the program, Cisco sets criteria for interoperability testing between specific versions of a partner’s products and specified versions of Cisco software. INNRANGE said this program will enable the two companies to further work together in assisting customers in implementing INRANGE’s FC/9000 storage infrastructure with the Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router and other networking solutions that will be verified through the program.

“ISCSI’s value to enterprise storage networking is its ability to extend the benefits of high-performance SANs beyond the data center using the ubiquity and familiarity of IP networking,” said Mark Cree, general manager of the Storage Router Business Unit at Cisco Systems. “INRANGE’s qualification of the Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router with its director-class Fibre Channel switches is a significant achievement in delivering this benefit to our mutual customers.”

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