Interop: Google’s Amazon S3-Killer Coming Soon?

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From the “Remember Gdrive?” files:

LAS VEGAS — Google’s answer to Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service is coming “within weeks” according to Mike Repass, product manager at Google. Repass was on the stage at the Interop Enterprise Cloud summit, talking about Google’s AppEngine and related cloud initiatives.

His mention of Google’s cloud storage service is not the first time Google has let slip mention of the storage service. Earlier this year, the blogosphere was ripe with conversations about a Google mention of Gdrive, which was the rumored name for its own take on Amazon’s S3 service — with mentions dating all the way back to 2006.

“It’s a feature debt issue,” Repass told the audience. “We started out Google AppEngine as an abstract virtualization service. Our static content solution is something we’re shipping soon.”

Adding an S3-type storage service makes a whole lot of sense for Google…

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