JNI Certifies Gadzoox Networks 2Gb Switches

Gadzoox Networks Inc., a supplier of storage area network (SAN) products, today announced that its 2Gb Slingshot switch family has been certified by JNI Corporation to be interoperable and compatible with their entire family of PCI, CompactPCI and SBus 2Gb Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) connected to Solaris-based servers.

According to the company, 2Gb Slingshot Family was certified with JNI’s 2Gb Ready(TM) FibreStar(R) family of Fibre Channel HBAs, including the FCE-6460 PCI bus, FCC-6460 CompactPCI bus, and FCE-1473 SBus HBAs. The tests were performed under the Sun Solaris operating environment with multiple servers from Sun Microsystems and a variety of storage arrays and Just a Bunch of Disks (JBODs).

“JNI has implemented a broad-based interoperability and compatibility testing program to address any lingering concerns about SAN interoperability and compatibility,” said Shaun Walsh, vice president of marketing for JNI Corporation. “By taking proactive efforts, such as this joint certification with Gadzoox Networks, we’re underlining our commitment to multi-vendor collaboration for the overall success of the storage networking industry.”

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