JNI Corporation Demonstrates Native 133 MHz PCI-X Fibre Channel HBA

JNI(R) Corporation , a manufacturer of Fibre Channel host bus adapters for the Solaris market, this week announced it is demonstrating its Emerald IV-x dual-port Fibre Channel host bus adapter running at 133 MHz PCI-X.

JNI said its Emerald IV-x host bus adapter is the first Fibre Channel storage adapter to demonstrate full-speed (133 MHz) support in native mode. To date, competing products run at legacy PCI speed (66 MHz) by providing PCI-X signalling through a third-party bridge controller. These solutions cannot take advantage of any of the advanced features of PCI-X such as split transactions, registered input and outputs, or enhanced error recovery capabilities since they use legacy PCI controllers.

JNI is exhibiting at the Intel Developers Forum, Monday, Aug. 27 through Thursday, Aug. 30 in Booth No. 207, and in Kiosk 1109 at the San Jose Convention Center.

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