KOM NETWORKS and StoreAge Networking Technologies Parnter

Storage virtualization vendors KOM NETWORKS Inc. and StoreAge Networking Technologies Ltd. today announced a technology alliance to bring a complete storage virtualization solution to the marketplace.

According to the companies, they will partner on technical development and marketing initiatives focused on optimally integrating KOM NETWORKS’ STEALTHWORX(TM) software with StoreAge’s SVM(TM) (Storage Virtualization Manager). STEALTHWORX(TM)’s file-level storage virtualization and policy driven file lifecycle management capabilities is complimented by SVM(TM)’s block-level and “off the data path” storage virtualization. The goal of the alliance is to enhance and promote the integration of the two products.

“Block-level storage virtualization is about managing space and controlling devices at the hardware level, and file-level virtualization is about managing the actual objects stored. They fit together naturally,” said Dan Tanner, Senior Analyst for Storage and Storage Management at the Aberdeen Group. “KOM NETWORKS virtualized, policy-driven STEALTHWORX(TM) file management combined with StoreAge’s SVM(TM) – Storage Virtualization Manager should enable IT departments to manage far more digital content with far fewer precious skilled human resources.”

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