Leitch Selects DVD-RAM Library for Broadcast Companies

ASACA announced that Leitch Technology Corp. selected ASACAs 2.3GB and 7GB TeraCart(R) DVD-RAM libraries for integration with Leitch VR-DVD(TM) Archive Systems.

According to ASACA, TeraCart is designed to provide broadcasters with fast transfers and a low storage cost. The VR-DVD system is an integrated video archiving, staging and management solution.

VR-DVD is designed for archiving spot commercials, promos, sports, news, and other content. It can also be used for intranet applications such as video-on-demand training, distance learning, kiosks, and product support, as well as broadband interactive TV, video-on-demand and other entertainment venues.

Leitch offers the VR-DVD Archiving system with a 2.3TB or a 7.0TB DVD-RAM library that can be configured with 1 to12 drives and up to 750 removable discs. The capacity of the Digital Virtual Libraries (DVLs) enables broadcasters to stage weeks of edited video and commercials on Leitch’s Fibre Channel RAID storage area network, ready for unattended playback.

ASACA DVLs also provide broadcasters with the flexibility to mix DVD video and DVD-RAM discs within a single library cabinet. With this capability, they can have direct playback of DVD-ROM discs and can mix program content together with spot advertising on the rewriteable DVD-discs.

“Videos consume vast amounts of storage that make it impractical to keep video libraries online,” said John Edwards, Vice President and General Manager of the Leitch Server Division. “With the VR-DVD Archiving System, we’ve combined the capacity and reliability of the ASACA rewriteable DVD libraries with a simple, drag and drop interface to provide broadcasters with an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for audio/video storage and retrieval.”

Leitch will be demonstrating the VR-DVD Archive System with an ASACA 7TB rewriteable DVD library at its NAB Booth No. L8870 in Las Vegas this week.

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