Litton PRC Adds StorHouse to its Storage Services

Data management vendor FileTek, Inc. and Litton PRC Inc. today announced an agreement that allows Litton PRC to offer FileTek’s flagship StorHouse(R) data management software as part of the company’s Storage on Demand Services.

According to FileTek, StorHouse is a comprehensive data management solution that allows on-line access to row-level data stored across all storage media (e.g., tape, RAID, optical). It integrates with most popular databases, such as Oracle, DB-2, and SQL Server, and supports industry-standard gateways and data access methods. StorHouse enhances Litton PRC’s Storage on Demand Services by utilizing RAID, optical, and cost-effective high-speed tape storage while allowing relational access using standard SQL.

“This agreement between FileTek and Litton PRC is great news to government agencies and corporations who want to reduce their data storage costs,” said Bill Adolfson, Products Manager at Litton PRC. “Now, Storage on Demand Services can provide cost- effective online data storage for vital information. This can be critical when historic data is sought in a timely manner.”

According to the companies, storage hardware and software is provided and managed by Litton PRC at an agency or company site. Incremental storage capacity is added as needed. Currently, Litton PRC Storage on Demand Services is installed at a large federal agency responsible for providing information technology and computing processing support to the Department of Defense.

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