LiveVault Launches New Virtual Backup & Recovery Network

LiveVault Corp., which provides fully managed online backup and recovery services, today launched a new IP-based Virtual Backup & Recovery Network (VBN) that provides for assured protection of customer server data.

With the need for business continuity planning at an all-time high, the LiveVault VBN utilizes a range of technologies to securely and reliably transport data over the Internet to an off-site vault at an Iron Mountain facility, enabling organizations to protect and quickly restore their critical information.

Targeted at small- and medium-sized businesses, and the remote offices of large corporations, the LiveVault fully managed service is available through the company’s re-seller relationships with Iron Mountain, the leader in off-site data storage and protection, Compaq Computer and others.

“The dirty little secret in the storage industry is that traditional tape-based server backup does not work well for small- to mid-tier businesses. Backup is tedious and error-prone, and doing it right is almost impossible,” said Bob Cramer, president and CEO of LiveVault. “LiveVault’s VBN enables us to eliminate the burden of doing backup for our customers, and ensures that their data is protected against hardware failure, application corruption, human error or any other kind of data loss.”

Major corporations with large data centers dedicate significant resources to backing up data and then moving it off-site. However, for businesses with servers outside of major data centers (such as small- and medium-sized businesses, and remote offices of large corporations) tape-based backup is cumbersome and error-prone. LiveVault’s fully managed service reliably backs up data for these organizations, and automatically stores the data in a remote location, where it is safe from disaster and can be easily recovered. LiveVault eliminates the burden of tape-based procedures so companies can focus on their core competencies while knowing that their information is protected at all times.

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