LSI Logic Announces Production Volumes of 2 Gbit Host Adapters

LSI Logic Corporation today announced full production volumes for its single, dual and quad board Fibre Channel 2 Gbit host adapters. According to LSI Logic, the LSI44929 is the industry’s only dual port, Fibre Channel host bus adapter available in a low profile form factor.

“These Fibre Channel boards deliver a reliable, high performance solution for clustered environments, SANs and workstations,” said Bob Anderson, director for LSI Logic’s Host Adapter business. “We’ve hit over 72,000 I/Os per second with small block reads using two channels. That’s a real performance edge.”

The single channel LSI40919, dual channel LSI44929 and quad ITI7004G2 boards are built using Fusion-MPT(TM) architecture, a common binary software that supports Fibre Channel, SCSI and emerging technology interfaces such as InfiniBand and SerialATA. The company says this eliminates the need to develop, install and qualify separate device drivers and ensures interoperability. The LSI40919 and LSI44929 products are designed in the low profile PCI form factor and are available with the low profile PCI bracket or standard height bracket. Optical and copper interfaces are also available.

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