LSI Logic: Let Us Entertain You

LSI Logic Storage Systems Inc., a storage-products supplier for the open enterprise, today announced a strategic alliance with systems integrator Doyle Technology Consultants Inc. to deliver storage-area network (SAN) products to the entertainment industry.

Doyle Technology will integrate LSI’s MetaStor storage systems with platforms and video applications from a wide range of vendors to deliver a SAN solution specifically engineered for major media, transport services providers, broadcasters, cable and satellite operators, and production and post-production houses.

“Major companies in the entertainment business handle extremely large quantities of data at very high data rates, and the cost of failure or unexpected interruption can be very high,” said Don Morgan, Director Project Development of Doyle Technology. “The industry has desperately needed a scalable, multi-vendor, storage area network (SAN) solution, engineered specifically for this industry. We are very pleased to be working with LSI Logic Storage Systems to deliver it.”

The new system will be demonstrated at Streaming Media West 2001 in Long Beach, Calif., starting today. In the demonstration, broadcast quality video and audio will be captured on a Media100 iFinish workstation, then edited and stored on the MetaStor storage system as a high quality QuickTime file. Next, automated batch encoding software, called Flip Factory by Telestream, will flip the QuickTime file into Windows media files at specified data rates that will then be managed on a storage-area network.

The demonstration at Streaming Media West 2001 will show how Doyle Technology and LSI Logic Storage Systems can support all common media formats including Windows Media, RealPlayer, QuickTime, and MPEG. In addition, the video ingest portion of the system consists of Telestream Flip Factory software working in concert with Virage SmartEncode Process for metadata extraction.

Digital asset management, which includes indexing, search and retrieval, and archiving of video for re-use, will be accomplished through Artesia’s TEAMS software. Digital asset management accomplished through Artesia’s TEAMS(TM) software, will facilitate real-time collaboration throughout media production processes, as well as to offer producers and marketing professionals enhanced and secure access to brand assets.

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