LSI Logic Samples Ultra320 SCSI Controller

LSI Logic Corporation today announced commercial availability of the LSI53C1030 Ultra320 SCSI controller and the start of a worldwide product sampling and demo program featuring LSI Logic’s Ultra320 products. LSI Logic is showcasing the LSI53C1030 at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan.

According to LSI Logic, interoperable for the Ultra320 infrastructure has resulted from testing during the development process with hard disk drive vendors IBM, Maxtor and Seagate. The company says Ultra320 SCSI custmers benefit from improved signal integrity, reduced protocol overhead and an increase in data transmission rate.

“Having end-to-end Ultra320 products with proven interoperability allows our customers to migrate to this next generation of performance with confidence. We’ve moved out of the lab and into the marketplace as bandwidth and speed requirements continue to grow,” said Bill Wuertz, vice president and general manager of LSI Logic’s Storage Standard Products. General customer availability on the controller and related host adapter boards are anticipated before year-end.

Ultra320 is a performance standard drafted by the X3T10 committee as defined under the SPI-4 SCSI Parallel Interface Specification. For more on Utra320 SCSI go to

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