LSI Logic Validates Ultra320 SCSI Interoperability

LSI Logic Corporation today announced what it claims is the industry’s first successful validation of Ultra320 SCSI interoperability and packetized protocol.

“This isn’t an announcement about alliances and plans for future testing. We’ve completed six months of testing to prove true Ultra320 interoperability and packetized protocol with the leading drive vendors. Our homework means we can deliver to the market a more complete solution, sooner and with high confidence,” said David Steele, director of product planning and management for LSI Logic.

According to LSI Logic, using an Ultra320 SCSI controller, LSI Logic says it has become the first SCSI vendor to validate the key features as specified in the SPI-4 (SCSI Parallel Interface version 4.0) draft standard specification for Ultra320 SCSI. In addition, LSI Logic has had 0.18-micron Ultra320 buffer silicon in the lab to complete extensive signal integrity transceiver testing across a wide spectrum of system configurations, through a variety of cables, backplanes and terminators with the disk drives.

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