MaxOptix Announces LTO Libraries

MaxOptix Corp. this week announced a series of new Linear Tape Open (LTO) libraries under the Breece Hill name. The new LTO devices include the MaxOptix 4.30/50, 6.100/6.210, 9.140, 12.420, 15.350 and 18.280.

According to the MaxOptix, the new midrange MaxOptix 4.30 and 4.50 are four drive by 30- or 50- cartridge with a native data storage capacity of 3 TB and 5 TB, and compressed capacity of 6 TB and 10 TB respectively. The MaxOptix 6.100 midrange library features a scalable design with self-configuring drives mounted on universal load plates to facilitate migration purposes. The 6.100 offers 10 TB of native data storage capacity (20 TB compressed) and features data transfer rates up to 648 GB/hr.

An enterprise-class LTO library, MaxOptix’ 6.210 is designed for large, distributed systems and provides needed secondary storage strength to corporate customers. It has room for 210 cartridges, and offers 21 TB of native capacity, which can be expanded to 42 TB when compressed. Like the 6.210, MaxOptix’ 9.140 is an enterprise-class library, offering up to nine drives and 140 cartridges to provide compressed capacity of 28 TB when configured with LTO technology.

MaxOptix’ 12.420, 15.350 and 18.280 were created for Storage Area Network environments and configurations. These products feature a browser-based control interface and include capacities of 84 TB and 648 GB per hour from the 12.420, 56 TB and 972 GB per hour from the 18.280, and 70 TB and 810 GB per hour from the 15.350 (compressed).

“MaxOptix is committed to providing the broadest choice in LTO automation options, and we are able to offer companies the flexibility and scalability they need in designing and planning a solution for their secondary storage needs,” said Fred Bedard, MaxOptix senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Our innovative line of midrange- to enterprise-class LTO loaders and libraries feature superior robotics, universal compatibility with any SAN or NAS architecture and support all industry-leading backup software and storage management applications.”

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