Maxtor and VERITAS Partner to Put MS Exchange on a Diet

Maxtor(R) Corporation today announced that it is working with VERITAS Software Corporation to offer what it claims is a complete, cost-effective bundled solution for businesses to efficiently manage Microsoft Exchange e-mail storage.

According to the companies, the bundle includes the Maxtor MaxAttach(TM) NAS 4100, a network-attached storage solution (NAS) that adds up to 320GB of capacity, and VERITAS Remote Storage(TM) for Microsoft(R) Exchange to take e-mail attachments off of a company’s servers and store them remotely. The comanies say that when implemented on the Microsoft Windows 2000 Powered MaxAttach running Server Appliance Kit 1.7, the solution enables centralized storage for offloading data from overcrowded Exchange servers. VERITAS Software’s solution places links to the attachment in the Microsoft Exchange databases; the links then call up the data from the Maxtor MaxAttach NAS 4100

“Microsoft Exchange was designed for sending and routing e-mails, not as a data repository,” explained Eric Kelly, president, Maxtor’s Network Systems Group. “The sheer volume of e-mail attachments, particularly those with rich-media content, can quickly fill up a Microsoft Exchange server. We teamed with VERITAS Software to provide an elegant solution for coping with e-mail overload without the additional complexity of adding more Microsoft Exchange servers to a network or limiting the size of users’ mailboxes.”

The Maxtor MaxAttach NAS 4100 is priced at U.S. $4,999 MSRP. VERITAS Remote Storage for Microsoft Exchange is priced at U.S. $4,995 MSRP. The MaxAttach Exchange E-mail Relief Bundle is available initially through Bell Micro, Ingram Micro and Tech Data.

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