Mellanox Boosts PCI Express with InfiniBand

InfiniBand chip leader Mellanox Technologies plans to boost the next-generation PCI Express technology with InfiniBand (IB).

Mellanox’s third-generation InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (HCA), the InfiniHost III Ex, boosts bandwidth by a factor of three over the legacy PCI-X technology, with a 20% reduction in latency, according to company product marketing officials Kevin Deierling and Byran Longmire.

Deierling and Longmire say Mellanox has been working closely with Intel on the HCA, which will be ready in time for PCI Express server launches this

“PCI Express and InfiniBand are a perfect marriage of technologies for data center computing,” states Jim Pappas, director of initiative marketing for Intel’s Enterprise Platform Group. “Combined, they enable an unprecedented 20 Gb/s bandwidth from Intel Architecture-based processors to server and storage systems on an InfiniBand fabric.”

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