Mission Critical Linux, Introduces Cluster Data Security Solution

Mission Critical Linux, Inc. today announced the availability of Convolo Cluster NetGuard Edition Version 1.0, a Linux cluster solution with support for very large configurations.

The company said NetGuard Edition is the newest member of its growing family of Convolo Cluster products. According to the company, it supports up to 128 systems, and is designed for applications that require very rapid response to failures and do not require shared disk storage. Examples include IP-intensive switching applications, telephony and streaming media applications, Web server farms, and compute intensive environments. It targeted at commercial application environments that require shared disk storage, such as databases and file & print servers. The Convolo family of products is designed to meet any high availability requirement in the Linux market.

The compmany also said NetGuard Edition is certified on all the major Linux.distributions, and supports Intel IA-32 and Itanium architectures. It supports multiple network interface cards (NICs) per server, and provides intra-server failover of IP and MAC addresses in the case of NIC failure. In the case of server failure the product provides IP and application service failover. Failover times are configurable, but generally on the order of 250 milliseconds.

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