MTI Introduces New StingRay NAS Storage Solution

MTI Technology Corp. today unveiled its new StingRay(R) Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution at Fall Comdex. The company said StingRay brings improved NAS performance and manageability to the Company’s Vivant storage solutions, which combine Storage Area Network (SAN) and NAS technologies into one consolidated storage networking solution.

“StingRay further enhances MTI’s NAS product line by supporting additional numbers of users, providing seamless scalability as needs change and enabling centralized management of virtually unlimited amounts of storage,” said Marc Nussbaum, vice president, product development at MTI. “By supporting both SAN and NAS technologies within each Vivant storage server, we allow the right architecture to be applied to solve specific data access and data availability requirements.”

MTI’s StingRay enables Windows NT/2000 and Unix users to share files seamlessly across Ethernet networks using Network File System (NFS) and Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocols.

Available in both single server and dual server (clustered) configurations, each StingRay file server includes multiple Gigabit Ethernet and 10/100 Mb Ethernet connections, and the dual server configuration features a fault-tolerant, active-active design that eliminates single points of failure that could interrupt data availability. Usability is further enhanced with the inclusion of features such as scheduled Snapshots for rapid restoration of data from disk whenever needed, trunking (aggregation) of available bandwidth for improved performance and uptime, and optional LAN-free backup over Fibre Channel for quickly backing up terabytes of information without impacting production networks.

The new StingRay NAS solution is available now from MTI in flexible configurations that start at $88,600.

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