MTI Unveils Vivant V80 SAN Solution

MTI Technology Corp. , a provider of storage and business solutions, today unveiled its Vivant(TM) V80 SAN solution. The V80 is the first Vivant solution incorporating MTI’s new I/O architecture, which it says features a point-to-point back plane capable of bus speeds of 800MBs/sec.

According to MTI, the Vivant V80 is the cornerstone its DataServices(TM), featuring over 14TBs of useable capacity, a 100GB file cache, DataShield(TM) virtualization software, and the Data Sentry(TM) 2.0 replication engine. Additionally the company said the V80’s Connection Services support simultaneous Gigabit Ethernet and switched fabric-fibre channel connections.

According to Marc Nussbaum, MTI Senior Vice President Product Development, “MTI’s focus is to provide a very powerful business solution to the Global 2000 with the Vivant V80. The Vivant V80 closes the performance gap that has been created with the rapid advance in corporate computing power, and thereby increases productivity for large/enterprise SAN users.”

“The Vivant V80’s 100GB cache is the largest in the industry, so users can now take advantage of large capacity disk drives without sacrificing performance,” said Russ Ritchie, MTI Director of Product Marketing. “The Vivant V80’s new I/O architecture coupled with the application centric cache offer customers the ability to supercharge their performance and increase productivity.”

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