Multi-Protocol Switch Earns Compaq Certification

SANcastle Technologies reported this week that its GFS-8 multi-protocol switch successfully completed interoperability testing with Compaq‘s SANworks Data Replication Manager. According to SANcastle, the GFS-8 integrates disparate networks and protocols and provides bi-directional integration of Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet networks over long distances.

Compaq spokesman Mark Sorenson, vice president, Compaq Storage Software and Solutions Division, said “By incorporating the GFS-8 into SANworks Data Replication Manager, Compaq is able to offer additional transport media to its customers. This means transparent access to existing network infrastructures for SANcastle and Compaq StorageWorks customers.”

In addition to multi-protocol support, SANCastle also said the GFS-8 offers multi-point SAN island integration across MANs or WANs and e-port for inter-switch connectivity with other Fibre Channel switches, allowing remote connectivity and disparate island connectivity for enterprises that have already deployed different configurations for various SAN islands.

“Data replication is one of the primary applications that takes advantage of interconnecting disparate FC SANs via IP networks,” said Nancy Marrone, senior analyst, The Enterprise Storage Group. “By enabling companies to use existing, lower cost IP infrastructure for data replication purposes, SANcastle and Compaq are providing companies the ability to develop a DR plan that may have been cost prohibitive in the past.”

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